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Introduction Black Line inlets

In 2017 Tulderhof introduces a new series of inlets, the Black Line inlets. Black Line inlets are made of well insulated black polyurethane foam, combined with injection molded yellow parts. The first inlets are a number of tunnel inlets: the BT series.


Tulderhof goes Dutch

After 27 years in Belgium, Tulderhof moved to a new location in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The name of the company was changed to Tulderhof Ventilation. Tulderhof Ventilation is located in the De Hurk business park in Eindhoven, just off the A2 motorway and therefore conveniently located for our customers.


New Tulderhof winch motor TW 150

In 2013 Tulderhof designed its own special winch motor for use in intensive livestock breeding. There are three models available: TW 100, TW 150 and TW 250. All motors are supplied with an IDE (Intelligent Digital Encoder) and are fully digitally adjustable. Read more about this product


New X-Stream air inlet

In 2012 Tulderhof launched an innovative product called X-Stream. This specially designed inlet valve for broiler houses is made of durable plastic and is the plastic version of the classic 4 Seasons inlet valve. The frame is filled with high-grade EPS insulation. Read more about this product

March 2011

50.000 Flash 3300 inlets sold

In March 2011, Tulderhof sold its 50,000th Flash valve. This revolutionary air inlet revolutionised air control in poultry houses.


Flash inlet in plastic

In 2008 we launched our first Flash made entirely of plastic with HIPS insulation, the Flash 3300. The number 3300 refers to the number of cubic centimetres at 20 Pa. Read more about this product

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Flash air inlet

We introduced the Flash with the revolutionary control unit in 2007. It is a very popular product. The valve controls the incoming air before it enters the house, so wide houses and obstacles in the house are no longer a problem. Read more about this product.

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Gjalt van Hes

Gjalt van Hes joined the company in 2005 and has been the owner of Tulderhof Agrosystems bvba ever since.

Jan de Graaf still plays an active role as a technical expert.



Pop hole door

In 1996 we invented the pop hole door with the special closing mechanism. We currently produce four different types of pop hole door: the insulated pop hole door, the double insulated pop hole door specially designed for broilers, the extra high pop hole door specially designed for turkeys (1000 x 1000) and the daylight pop hole door.



Steering air inlets with under pressure


In 1989 the steering air inlets with under pressure were invented. The picture is taken at one of our projects.

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Tulderhof was founded by Jan de Graaf. He set up his business in Poppel, which was where he was living at the time. He also kept broilers for many years, for which he designed his own ventilation system.