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About Tulderhof

About Tulderhof

Tulderhof helps livestock farmers to promote animal welfare and improve animal performance by creating optimal living conditions with innovative ventilation and animal welfare products. Animal welfare is just as important as animal production these days. After all, both factors affect each other. The essence of all Tulderhof ventilation systems, air inlets, daylight systems and pop hole doors is to create an optimal barn climate and pleasant living conditions for the good health of your animals.

Tulderhof provides

Innovative barn ventilation
Customization for optimal barn conditions
Improved animal welfare
Simplicity and ease of installation
35 years of knowledge and experience
Worldwide network


Tulderhof building

Since 1987

Tulderhof was founded in 1987 by broiler farmer Jan de Graaf. In that year, Jan developed his own ventilation system for his barn and put this product on the market under the name Tulderhof Agrosystems. In the following years, Tulderhof developed several innovative ventilation systems for livestock farming, including Tulderhof air inlets.

Flash 1 1


    • Vent control under negative pressure (1989)
    • Pop-hole door with special closure (1996)
    • Flash air inlet with revolutionary control (2007)
    • Flash 3300 air inlet made of insulated plastic (2008)
    • X-Stream air inlet; the durable version of the classic 4 Season vent (2012)
    • Winch motor TW 150 for intensive livestock farming (2013)
    • Black Line inlets and BT series tunnel inlets (2017)
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Tulderhof joins forces with Hotraco Group

To have the most comprehensive possible impact on animal welfare in livestock farming, Tulderhof became part of the Hotraco Group in 2020. This global player in innovative livestock automation & control systems offers Tulderhof the opportunity to grow worldwide.

Hotraco Group