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New cage-free barn

New cage-free barn

Earlier this year the Van Leendert family, based in Tienray, put a new layer house into operation. This new free-range barn is equipped with the most modern technology, with the focus on increasing animal welfare, stimulating egg production and making production processes more sustainable.

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Automated ventilation system for the perfect poultry house climate

The Air Equalizer and Flash air inlets ensure the supply of fresh outside air into the poultry house. The Air Equalizer is an air inlet duct with adjustable slats, which allows the air to be directed very nicely over the aviary systems. When outside temperatures are low, the fresh outside air is mixed with warm air from the poultry house, to protect the animals from cold draughts. In addition, 50% of the poultry house is ventilated at the same pressure, which considerably reduces the risk of wet manure.

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Daylight for better animal welfare

The family has installed a large, long light strip in the ridge of the barn roof. The abundance of daylight leads to an improvement in animal welfare. The roof windows have slats that are operated with a manual winch or winch motor. This allows the farmer to darken the poultry house gradually. Good daylight control results in less stress for the chickens, which in turn reduces the risk of feather pecking and can have a positive effect on egg production. A fantastic win-win-win situation!

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