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Solutions for pigs and calfs

Tulderhof develops and produces animal welfare products and mechanical ventilation systems for pig barns for you to optimize the climate and living conditions in your calf and pig barns. With 35 years of experience in ventilating pig and calf barns, we offer the best solution for any barn concept.

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Pig barn ventilation

A well-ventilated pig barn is very important. After all, young piglets are very sensitive to airflow and temperature changes. To optimize the living environment for piglets, fattening pigs and sows in your barn, Tulderhof offers an innovative range of animal welfare products and ventilation components for pig barns. You can also use Tulderhof ventilation systems to control the climate optimally in barns for white veal calves and rosé veal calves.

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Daylight systems for pig and calf barns

Daylight affects the biological rhythm and general well-being of pigs and calves. Tulderhof produces high quality daylight systems in various sizes and variants. For example, black-out side windows can be installed, the air inlets can be supplied in a daylight version, or a natural form of daylight can be created using a black-out ridge or roof windows.

Make an appointment with our expert

Our expert will be happy to visit you to calculate the optimal ventilation systems for your pig and calf barns. That’s how we create the basis for optimal barn conditions together!