BL 4500

Le BL4500 dirige l’air avant que celui-ci arrive dans le bâtiment.


Create the right airflow in minimum ventilation

A conventional air inlet creates in minimum setting a long narrow opening. Therefore, the incoming fresh air has little mass, decreases in speed too rapidly and drops down to early on the animals.

The BL 4500 inlet has a V-shaped flap. The V-shape bundles the incoming air, creating a jet stream for more mass and therefore a better throw of the incoming air.

The self closing variant has the advantage that you can make a delayed opening system e.g. 1 in 3 inlets open first. Together with the a jet-stream valve one can have total automatic control over the minimum ventilation.

The Black line 4500 air inlet is made of high quality polyurethane foam with a high insulation value.

Type BL 4500
10 Pa – m3/h 3100
20 Pa – m3/h 4500
30 Pa – m3/h 5500
Surface cm2 2200
Width – mm 857
Height – mm 373
Depth – mm 135


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Ouverture automatique:BL_4500_SO_montagehandleiding_multilang

Fermeture automatique:BL_4500_SC_montagehandleiding_multilang