BL 6200

Tulderhof rediseño la clásica entrada de aire, y así nació X-Stream.


The Black Line 6200 is an air inlet with the hinge at the bottom of the valve. Therefore, the air is never steered down. The BL 6200 is ideal for situations where the air has to be send upwards or horizontally, e.g. above cages.

The BL 6200 series can be self-opening or self-closing. The self-closing version has the advantage of being completely closed and gives the opportunity of a delayed opening system.

Aerodynamic design gives the BL 6200 8% more air flow.

   Descargar el folleto aquí.

Descargar el manuel de montaje aquí «self-closing».

Descargar el manuel de montaje aquí «self-opening».