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Liermotor TW

Tulderhof developed his own specific winch motor for the intensive livestock breeding. These motors are categorized in 3 types: the TW 100 / TW 150 / TW 250. All motors are delivered with an IDE (Intelligent Digital Encoder) and they are digitally adjusted.

What are the big advantages of this motor?

  • IDE = Digital potentiometer
  • Density of water and dust (IP55 standards)
  • The shaft can be placed in all positions
  • Simple mounting
  • Interchangeable with all common brands
  • Other options: 1 phase-motor, 3-phase motor, chain coupling

Preferable you should place the winch engines in the middle of the stable, so the forces are equally divided. But this is not a necessity. You can find more information in the leaflet.