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Tulderhof Ventilation BV
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t: +31 (0) 404 00 63 13
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f: +32 (0) 14 65 99 60
e: info@tulderhof.com

New managing director: Alex Kroonenburg

From 1 September 2016 Alex Kroonenburg will become the new Managing Director of Tulderhof Ventilation. He already works for Tulderhof for 9 years as sales director and an advisor. Gjalt Van Hes, previous Managing Director and owner, wants to put his focus more into the R & D department.

Follow Alex on LinkedIn.

Alex Kroonenburg

New sales manager: Frits Bennik

Also Frits Bennik will be added to the sales team from 1 october. He worked 19 years for Valco-Europe.

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Frits Bennik

New slats for better insulation in roof windows and ridge

To increase the insulation value Tulderhof invested to improve the dark out slats. These can be delivered in EPP, which is a high quality plastic with very high insulation value.

Type R (m2.K/W) U (W/m2.K)
Double insulated 10-25 2,49 0,40
Double insulated 25-25 2,84 0,35


Combi pressure system

The Tulderhof combi-pressure system is a ventilation concept that creates an optimal climate for every type of free range house. The combination of the products and the right adjustments creates the perfect constant climate. Tulderhof has tested this concept for the last 3 years (since 2013) with enormous positive results.

The concept consists out of:

  • Flash 3300 air inlets
  • Air Optimizer
  • Pop hole doors
  • TW winch motor

More information about the Tulderhof Combi Pressure System here.

Dear relationship,

Every year, we publish a new catalogue with novelties and extra information.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to receive our new catalogue.

The Tulderhof-team

This year, Tulderhof is closed during the holiday period. Between monday December 22th, 2014 and friday January the 2nd, 2015, we don't produce our products in this time. Order your products in time if you still need any this year.
We start the new year on January the 5th, 2015.

This year, the company is fully closed.

Happy holidays,

The Tulderhof-team

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tulderhof eindhoven

Dear customer,

We like to inform you that we will be closed for our annual holiday from the 4th of August to the 22nd of August. During this period, Tulderhof moves to a new location. This results in a minimal production capacity during the move. At this new location, Tulderhof can be of an even better service in the near future.

The new address is:

Looyenbeemd 10
5652 BH Eindhoven

The new telephone number is +31 404 00 63 13 and the current numbers will remain.

We advice you to order your products in time for the period between the end of July and the beginning of September.

Along with the move, Tulderhof Agrosystems gets a new name as well, Tulderhof Ventilation. The dutch VAT number is NL 8128 53 520 B01. We are fully operational on our new location on the 23th of August.

The Tulderhof-team

Download our new contact information directly into your e-mail contacts.


At the “LIV Venray” fair in February, Tulderhof organised a contest for the visitors. You could have won a free smoke machine and a free ventilation scan of your poultry house.

Inge Van Wiele, who lives in Beveren-Waas (Belgium) has won the contest and was very happy with her price. At the moment, they are finishing up their breeder house with two nests, 108 m by 29 m. With this new breeder house they now have 3 houses in total.

Last week we presented the smoke machine and the ventilation scan will happen in the near future.

Speciale actieSpeciale actie

This year, Tulderhof will sell it’s own brand of winch motors. liermotor nieuwsbericht These winch motors are catagorized in 3 types: the TW 100, the TW 150 and the TW 250.

All potentiometers are delivered with a IDE, Intelligent Digital Encoder and they are digitally adjusted.

Learn more ...

This year, Tulderhof will be at your service for all your questions and orders from July 15th to August 2nd, 2013. Therefore, you can still reach us by telephone between 10.00 and 16.00.

We wish you a happy holiday!

Munters releases his new ventilation products on the market that meet the European standards. As of today, the current versions EM30 and EM36 will not be available anymore. The ED30 and ED36 will replace these old types. Of course all parts of the older versions will still be available at Tulderhof. The current EM50 does not change and is still on the market.

What has changed?

  • The newer versions have a lower energy-consumption (20%)
  • They have a higher airflow capacity
  • The speed of the rotation of the propeller is increased
  • Lower weight
  • A direct drive system to boost energy efficiency and performance
  • The EM30 did 16 000 m3, the ED30 now does 13 000 m3
  • The EM36 did 20 000 m3, the ED36 now does 18 000 m3

For more information, check the ED-30 and ED-36 page.

Our brand new air inlet, the X-Stream, is now available. X-StreamAn extremely versatile inlet valve with many extra possibilities, developed for broilers

The advantages:

  • Patented airflow
  • 3-1 system, only 1 winch motor possible.
  • Winter and summer ventilation in 1 system.
  • Well insulated
  • Well priced

You can find more information on the X-Stream page.

We are proud to announce that we received a star for the Air Optimizer from InnovSpace.
InnovSpace organises the most important French fair for intensive farming .
From logo_InnovSpace_2012111th 'till 14th September you can find the Air Optimizer at stand A8.

Visit the website of InnovSpace

Poppel, 6/07/2012

Dear customer,

After a very productive season, Tulderhof has a well deserved break from 6 August ‘till 24 August. In this period we´re still at your service only with less staff. Nowadays we are stuffed with orders so we currently have delivery times to week 41 for customized products.

The above does not apply to the following products. There’s a normal delivery time for the following products

  • Flash 3300 intake
  • Wind cowls with light filter
  • Air Optimizer
  • Insulation Doors
  • Lamps
  • Winch Motors
  • Fans

It’s possible that the delivery times becomes more over time.

Thank you very much for understanding! 



Leading company ‘Schothorst’ finds that quality and price are a very important factor, just like us. We can proudly say that Schothorst uses are Flash 3300 in their broiler houses.

Schothorst Feed Research is an independent research institute which operates in the nutrition sector. They provide knowledge and advice the customers. Schothorst is located in Lelystad, The Netherlands. They welcome yearly hundreds of visitors from different countries.

Visit the website of Schothorst

Watch more pictures here




Tulderhof has created a new product that creates a better climate in poultry houses: Air Optimizer.



The air inlet Flash 3300 and the cover with light trap are tulderhof products who are easy to install. Watch it yourself.

Air inlet Flash 3300

Cover with light trap



In March Tulderhof sold its 50000nd Flash air inlet.

This air inlet represented a revolutionary evolution in terms of air control and air flow. A lot of customers saw the big advantages of these air inlets. We thank these clients for the faith they have in us. This air inlet is still the ideal air inlet for each type of poultry house and for certain pig and calves housing.

Tulderhof continues to innovate and always looks for new solutions. So that we can better respond to our clients. In 2011 we are going to bring some new innovations on the market.



Animals: layers - cage housing
product: Flash 3300 + cover with lighttrap
place: Finland, Turku
cage system: Hellmann

In this case the Flash 3300 proves that it doesn't lose any of his abilities in cold weather conditions. The temperature can go to - 31°C in this area.The slide works perfectly, even under these extreme cold conditions.




Because of the good quality of the Flash 3300, tulderhof decided to give a guarantee* of 5 years for this air inlet.

*Contact tulderhof to know the conditions of the guarantee.